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My Best Suggestion Yet!!!!!! Passive with Animal Buffs

metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 516 Arc User
edited October 3 in Suggestions Box

***Spirit of the Beast Master Passive****
Flexible to any role

*By choosing SotBM Passive. It gives special power add ons Like Night Warrior.

*Comes with 4 extra power buttons that toggle on. Can only have one out of these toggled on at a time. But all will be active in trey for easy switch.

*Will cast a aninal spirit on/besides you for visual effect

*Gives of a wise field presence that buff allies to a lesser along with you.

1. Large Charging Animals
(Red with animals in background Rhino, Elephant, Bull)

2. Flexible fast Animals
(Yellow with animals in the background Cheetah, Ostrich, Gazelle)
+Run speed

3. Bird Smart Aminals
(Purple with animals in the background Owl, Raven)
+Flight buff
+Range Strenght

4. Water Animals of Support
(Blue with sea life in background)
+Adds a tiny passive AoE HoT to you and allies

Further enhancing could also trigger more buffs with other summons being present

...Please help me build this up...
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