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Need more single power options of... suggestion

metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 516 Arc User
edited October 3 in Suggestions Box
Wondering if I really need to beg for this at this time. I have already suggested damage worthy single power kick attacks. Now in need of powers alternate to the main damage power. In fact alot of other builds have many alternate choices and others are pretty narrowed.

1. Alternate single power to Ebon Ruin for darkess set.
*Even darkness was revamped and we didn't get alternate options to Ebon Ruin so this is why I need to say this.
*Benkei (Standing Death)
-Little shadow hands pull at the feet of enermy for maintain.

2. Alternate single power to Telekinetic Lance for telekinesis range set.
*Telekinesis is a frame in which you can litteral create psionic versions. Of anything and still be a viable power to the set.

3. Alternate to Soul Beam for magic set
*Time power. puts a clock rune over target 4 seconds. Will hold/paralyze for maintain. At the end doing damage. Foes that cannot be held receives extra damage.

I don't even care what it is I just need more options
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