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Anniversary Bag question

The Anniversary bag in the Event store for 600 favor. It says it is unique, which I would think would mean you cant have more then one.

But it does not appear to be recognizing the bags that I have on existing characters from previous years. (ie it isnt saying "you already have this item")

So can I buy another one? Are they not unique against previous years?

Also, I still have some of the original ones that were Bind on Equip, not bind on pickup, that are still unequipped. Are they considered different items as well?


  • redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 105 Arc User
    answering my own question. They are considered the same as the previous ones. So I had a char that had an old BoE one in their bank, and it wouldn't let me buy a new one.
    I took the one in my bank and mailed it to myself. Then I was able to buy the one from the store. Of course once I did that, I was no longer able to take the one from the mail out on that character. But I have another toon who doesn't have one who could take it out. So basically, I can take all the BoE ones, put them in mail. (I can actually store one in the Hideout bank as well) and as long as I have 1 toon that doesn't have one, I can use that toon to pull them out and eventually sell them.
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