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Alert Changes

pallierpallier Posts: 62 Arc User
I am making the following suggestions to the alert system.

Grab Alerts
instead of the buff being applied to your character for the bonus exp after defeating a boss, drop a box with the exp bonus boost instead. character bound of course. this will allow players to use the boost when they want to and not have it forced on them with it refreshing every repeat. players can then take part in other events and activities in game without worrying if their boost will go away or not before finished.

Smash Alerts
reduce the amount of resources the smash alerts give by 10% but add the chance at a box that can drop with a cache or resources ranging from the standard amount given now up to a rare bonus box that gives 100G in 1 go. the gamble of it keeps things exciting and the possibility of a huge reward allures more players to the alert.

Burst Alerts
remove all mods from the Alert completely. instead add random mod boxes on the until recognition vendor by ranks up to rank 5 costing recognition based on that rank.
rank 1 cost 10
rank 2 cost 20
rank 3 cost 30
rank 4 cost 50
rank 5 cost 100
separate them by types. gear and vehicle boxes separated.
now have the final boss inside the alerts drop a until recognition box that has random amount of until recognition ranging from 20 all the way to 500 with the higher amount a lower % chance. most common amount being 30 and the chance at the 500 is 1 in 100 trips.
now even with pyramid power being the most disliked version of alerts people will still farm the burst because they aren't locked into getting such poor rewards and they can also use the recognition to do other things like purchase a sidekick or other things on the until recognition vendor instead of getting mods they don't use or want.

Oh Atari how I miss you!
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