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The future of Champions Online?

eyesofthedragonxeyesofthedragonx Posts: 8 Arc User
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I sincerely hope this post is read and taken very seriously by AmbassadorKael or the appropriate dev leadership for Champions Online. I have been playing this game since the very beginning and I almost never post in the forums. I have always played the game and taken the time to help players in game who ask for it.

However, the situation with CO has worsened to the point where I have grown very concerned about how this game is being managed and how the small changes over the past few years made by devs have accumulated and snowballed into a situation where we have lost a very large portion of the player base. This was all exacerbated by covid and a lot of MMO game competition of course, but nevertheless here we are in 2021.

With that being said, I recommend instituting the following changes immediately. I know some of these might be controversial and I do not suggest them lightly. I do this because I firmly believe its is what the game absolutely needs to recover, survive and even grow with new players, especially now as we are potentially on the verge an economic rebound.

  1. Create a Player Invite program for players to entice their friends to try CO, and give rewards for both players: the inviter and invitee. This used to exist in the game years ago I believe. We desperately need it back.
  2. Institute a one time unban amnesty for all players across the board. Create an email/mail marketing campaign specifically targeting these previously banned players informing them of their one time unban, and encourage them to come back. It will be understood that this is strictly a one time only unban.
  3. Allow players a resource to recapture lost/abandoned SG's. Phone or email contact please.
  4. Take the ticket system in this game more seriously. Many times players put in tickets and then have no way to check their status in game or receive no email update regarding its resolution. It just goes into limbo.
  5. Increase the level cap on ALL alerts to level 40 across the board. Period. I can't stress this enough. No more leveling down to 30 and ruining the fun build someone just made. Forcing an end game player to level down to 30 serves no good or purpose in the game. Please make it end.
  6. Remove the Global requirement posting fee on the auction house. It is unnecessary. For years I have heard arguments of how it stabilizes the economy. No, it does not. There is no fee on the auction house on STO and everything is fine just as it would be here. It is useless and it causes players to instead flood zone with WTS item offers.
  7. Undo the nerf to the power cost discount that Intelligence has. In terms of power cost discount, INT is nearly useless at the moment. It needs to return to its old format from years ago.
  8. Allow players the ability to gift/donate Zen to other players. Either to a specific player or a random donation. Random donations could all go to one player who happens to be playing on the live server at that moment, or a series of players in groups like 5 or 10 also playing, encouraging players to play more.
  9. Allow players the ability to gift Lifetime subs to other players. Same as above: either specific or randoms. Flash a notification for who receives the random zen and LTS donations just like you do with the lockbox epic prizes.
  10. Undo the nerf to the wardicator/guardicator defense/offense stacking. Please understand this: You aren't making the game "better" or more "fun" by nerfing some power combination or advantage that players enjoy using. You are having the opposite effect. Your "fix" causes players to lose interest and just stop playing. Please stop doing this.
  11. Engage the PVP community more. Get suggestions from the PVP community on this subject and take them seriously. For example maybe create a bigger massive PVP Millennium City instance with open PVP like other games have. So when I switch instances I see a few labeled (PVP). Create incentives for pvp players and create custom end game gear and weapons as pvp rewards. Revive Hero Games. I am not sure if you are aware but here in the year 2021 many avid gamers play PVP games and maybe its a good idea for you to get behind this, instead what you have been doing which is years of slowly destroying your own games pvp community by targeting its players favorite powers with "fixes" that cause them to lose interest and stop playing altogether.


  12. Create a real plan and budget goal for one massive season update that this game needs. Give this game the attention and care that you do Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Online. Whether its updating existing missions, or new archetypes, or new missions etc, but this game needs one big update and it is long overdue.

    "But those two games make money you see and CO doesn't..."

    Yes this will cost money and you don't have the room for it in the CO budget right? So plan it out and budget out what it costs, and either make a fundraising/donation portal for it, or create a page that informs players of the goal status and current amount via site updates. We don't care whether its your site, crowdfunding, gofundme, whatever. Just set a financial goal that would allow you to do it and lets all work together to make it happen and breathe life back into this game.

It is my sincere wish that you institute all of these changes immediately. I have been playing this game since it started from the very beginning, and for years one by one I have watched all these changes happen with every patch, watching players come and go. I don't mean this to be rude, but please understand that many players like myself understand this game and what it needs in ways you never will because we are the ones who play the game and love it. It's not a job for us. Please take this request seriously. Making these changes could mean a huge influx of capital for the game and we both know it desperately needs it. Its players need it and it can't wait any longer.
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  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 435 Arc User
    Bring also back subscription for people back. Make old content worth to do by putting old drops back in instead of this token crap you increase to max like with the 975 costume silver token costs. Or Nemcon stuff and Nemesis stuff in general.
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,324 Arc User
    Don't forget the poor design of the latest story arcs.
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  • apeboy#2015 apeboy Posts: 4 Arc User
    Devs should honestly give this list a really long read through. I support every change you outlined here. All of them would contribute to breathing new iife into champions. The game may be somewhat dead now but changes like this are exactly what we need to get the ball rolling again.
  • metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 288 Arc User
    I doubt anything done already would be undone. But as lifetimer I would say that AT are nothing compared to the flexibility of FF. I notice game reviewers always play AT. And some ATs are so cheesy new players don't understand get frustrated and leave.

    So the removal of Monthly subscriptions may have of damaged the ability for new players to know what FF is like. Then they expect people to pay the high FF price for a game they just come into.

    The least they could do is drop 1 free FF slot into every silver or Free player account. I remember when the free FF slot was given during quarantine. I'm not saying this should be a yearly thing.

    Something along the lines of changing the free unlock of automaton to a free FF slot for first timers to level 40. And placing automation in the winter or foxbat event store.
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,324 Arc User
    Remember that getting rid of subscriptions was across all PWE products, not just CO. The CO devs had nothing to do with that decision (though they are responsible for poor decisions related to game play). They are also not responsible for the ham-fisted way that people's monthly subscriptions have been cancelled when a subscriber has been issued a new credit card. Being told by PWE that one could keep a monthly subscription as long as payments continue to be made, without creating a mechanism for updating payment methods, was truly despicable. I wonder how many paying customers they lost from that ill-though out plan?

    I would guess that since they have not brought back subscriptions their profits across all their products must be at least a little better. If they were not making as much money post-monthly subscriptions as before you'd think they'd bring back subscriptions.
    Perseus, Captain Arcane, Tectonic Knight, Pankration, Siberiad, Sekhmet, Black Seraph, Clockwork
    Project Attalus: Saving the world so you don't have to!
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