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Double-Tap Investigation's

jin#6625 jin Posts: 14 Arc User

I would like to reintroduce myself to the lifestyle I am Trace Magus, I started playing on June 14th, 2011. When the game had a low *coughs* period, I lost contact with the community. About a two month back I found the game again and tried it out again to see if it had a pull on me, it does. At that point I contacted admin about my old account and miraculously they found it and restored it within about a day of me contacting them. (By miraculously I meant it in sincerity and surprised such an old account had been saved. For any of the hater's :).

Instead of starting a group with random players that are not really into a group setting, I decided to introduce my idea's here and let those interested come to me to help make it a reality, since then we have founded the super group.

Anyone can look me up in game @Trace-Magus (or that's what it shows me my name is.).


We are a private organization that looks into the abnormal. Whether its for local police militia's, state level officer's and on occasion even for a government or two. We respond to the call not for wealth and fame, no we answer the call because we have an irresistible need to rise up to any force unnatural or otherwise and deter their evil doing's.

That and we all quest for knowledge...


-Benefits to the group-
* Light to Moderate Roleplay
* Weekly run events appropriate to player levels
* I would like to see many team run events for those missions when you need more than just yourself to complete it.
* Daily alert runs for those that are interested.
* As well as casual runs with team play in mind.

Trace [email protected]
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  • jancen#6002 jancen Posts: 1 New User
    Double-Tap now open for recruitment!
  • mal#3751 mal Posts: 2 New User
    Does players level or knowledge matter?
  • jin#6625 jin Posts: 14 Arc User
    No, level or experience doesn't matter. We are trying to build a smaller community within the community, so anyone willing to spend time with us is more than welcome.
  • brina#4338 brina Posts: 1 New User
    I made it, thanks for the help. See you in the real world (IE - CO).
  • mal#3751 mal Posts: 2 New User
    Im in
  • jin#6625 jin Posts: 14 Arc User
    Double-Tap is now recruiting for daily players, as well as week-end Heroes to run team events.
  • granitritegranitrite Posts: 38 Arc User
    is this an RP guild? are you still alive in game or have you disbanded? if its RP then are you doing normal superhero/ abnormal investigations.

    cause if you are then i have a westside IP that would fit the bill as long as a modern IP thats been fused with a Noir-vurse version of himself is acceptable
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