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Missions. Sidekicks, Nemesis, Hideouts, and Powers.

corniviccornivic Posts: 197 Arc User
Here are things I want, I know they may not happen but oh well.

Custom Player Missions
I think it would be cool to make comic book type missions sorta like the adventure packs. That way we will have more content and the Devs won't need to worry about making Alerts or solo quest. I would love to stuff my Champions' origins.

Custom Sidekicks
Maybe around level 15 lets us make our own sidekicks kind of like our Nemesis. Maybe make your Nemesis kidnap your sidekick.

These were cool. Just one little idea, can we have a few our Champions just staying or sitting around our base? It would look cool. Guess there are better things to do then this. Just though it would look cool.

I notice they are missing some our power framework power. They really need an update. Maybe make it so we can pick the Archetypes they we have for our Nemesis. I would like the clues to pop up sooner. Like every 30 minutes. I got to level 40 and got my Jailbreak mission. I would like to find my Nemesis and their henchmen more often.

Power Frameworks
Energy Projector
1. Plasma Blast-This probably be like fire, but it would look different. Like Starfire.
2. Water- We have a bubble so I have a feeling it might be coming. But I am bring it up anyways.
3. Radiation- This probably would do toxic damage.
4. Sound- This would do stuns.... We have one scream in Brick so that's nice. Maybe this should go there.
5. Laserbeam- That would be cool to have some powers to blast from my eyes. Power Armor have one.

1. Crossbows- They can shoot faster then bows.

Martial Arts
1. Fighting Staff-
2. Escrima Sticks-
3. Lasso/Chains-
4. Shields-

1. Illusion-This would be a lot of decoys, and fake pets.

1. Energy-I guess this would be like super strength but with energy damage.
2. Sand-I guess this would be a mix of Wind and Earth powers. A lot of blindness attacks.

1. Gravity-This would be similar to force just no bubbles.
2. Plants-It would be cool to control plants. We got leaves aura so we should have plant powers go with it.
3. Webs-This would probably be more controlling set or slow debuff attacks.
4. Elastic-This may never happen because of all the outfits but it would be cool.
5. Shapeshifting- Maybe turn into animals with there own attacks or maybe just roles. Like a Wolf can do more damage, Bears can take more damage.
6. Wands/Staffs- Pretty much have elemental attacks. Fire, Electric, and ice.

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