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How to make the Tutorial Qularr Alert more popular in 3 easy steps!

qawsadaqawsada Posts: 714 Arc User
edited September 2020 in Suggestions Box
So we all know the Qularr Invasion didn't receive any fanfare because of literally everything else that is happening in the anniversary. So lets make it its own event.
1. 2 or 3 quest type dailies. One would would kill a X amount of bug group in MC. Another would be having an OM boss associate with the event, and finally, one just doing the tutorial alert.
2. Rewards. Bug related, Qularr related, Mega Terak related. All costume, devices, af, whatever! You could shove in that poison AR device and that lazer 2gm device into the mix. Hell, even an AF of Mega Terak or a sidekick of those bugs or mega terak mini.
3. Make Mega Terak the OM boss. Go full bull crap. Add in those threat wipe. Make it like Momma Dino but more cancer. Add in a bajillion qularrs every 1/3 hp.
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