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Super Group Idea

{Until Special Operations}

Being unable to find a team, guild or any real circle myself, not just for those here and there asking in zone chat for help, and not being able to gain the team required caused me to show some initiative and put something together;

Plane and simple, we gather for the games content in the hopes those who want to run it have a team of like-minded players who are available to run them with. Obtaining certain mats, currency and drops can be grindy and tedious enough without needing to wait on others to casually drop by to queue, or worse yet, casually drop out in the middle of a mission. PvP, PvE, Alerts, Adventure packs, etc. Never be calling out to deaf ears in zone again when you need or want to run something. Join today and help us set the bar for doing the things you thought undoable. There is a lot of content overlooked due to cosmetics and event mobs drawing needed players away.

I choose Until as the theme as a homage to the game's military, who is always there during every event, on top of the situation or as trusted backup.

There is an emphasis on being mature, to keep things family friendly and free of drama. Vote to share if you like this idea and think it will improve the game for others:

Super Group Idea 1 vote

mysterion69 1 vote

Courage is doing what is right even when it isn't popular or safe. Honor is retaining the dignity and virtue in one's self, so it can light the way for others in the darkest of times. Compassion is showing patience and mercy towards others, even when it isn't returned or deserved. A hero is defined by these 3 words, they set him apart from others as a beacon of hope and excellence.
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