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[Suggestion] Ice Barrier & Field Surge Update

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
In light of Resurgence being updated to be quite useful (understatement) and Unbreakable being updated to also have a good level of usefulness compared to previous.

I'd like to see the following.

Field Surge updated > (Already covered in my Force Power set Review Thread)

Ice Barrier updated like so:

- Duration reduced to 15 seconds.
- Same VFX.
- Same amount of Ice Objects spawned per rank.
- Damage Resistance buff increased to 20%/25%/30% per Ice Object. (Rank 1/2/3)
- Knock Resistance buff increased to 100%/105%/110% per Ice Object. (Rank 1/2/3)
- Applies a healing effect which instantly recovers 30%/40%/50% of your HP. (Rank 1/2/3)
- Healing Rune is removed.
- Cannot be destroyed.

My main reason for suggesting this is that, Ice Barrier is painfully weak as an active defensive (and Field Surge isn't that far behind), the effects it applies don't really scale with rank and it hardly matters since they have less than 3k HP and seemingly have no resistance to damage so die very quickly (i.e. One Black Talon Rocket Pack)

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