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Tornado Flight Suggestion

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
Please can the flight pose for this power be updated to the one that Bubble Flight and Arcane Flight use please.


  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,556 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    Sounds like you are asking for a new Variation because I doubt they would change an existing travel power to use the precious T-posing animation from lockbox travel powers (and cash grabs zstore limited time offers) for free vQTD03D.png

    Unless Emanation points was actually worth a damn and do that job​​
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  • dialamxdialamx Posts: 789 Arc User
    This has been a request since the Tornado Flight first came out. No one understood why the normal flight pose was used for it, since it just didn't look right. Most wanted the pose that's now used for Regal/Stoic flight. Unfortunately, it seems to be a losing battle on that one.
  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 426 Arc User
    The Devs updated Phoenix Flight visuals and created the Radiant and Shadow variants. Perhaps they would consider updating Tornado Flight and/or creating variants. Some possibilities I'd like to see are:

    1) Update basic Tornado Flight to remain in the initial, first gear upright pose throughout
    2) Create Tornado Flight variants with the Regal/Stoic Flight and Arcane/Bubble Flight poses
    3) Allow the power color to be changed from it's fixed orange color

    Options for less earthy and more mystical/energy/elemental Tornado Flight variants:

    - Consider removing the dust and debris effects from any variant power and leave the swirling air wisps and tornado cone.
    - Consider changing the dust clouds in the variants to glow similar to the Drifter Fire Cloud aura or the Icestorm aura and remove the debris.
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