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Dawncon 6

Dawncon 6 is returning is not only the only comic-con styled event in any other mmo , the first comic-con styled event online, but the only comic-con happening and champions online is the flagship for dawncon. Due to growing interest and popularity, dawncon is now expanding to other mmo's , but all events will be on champions online.You the community helped us grow these past five years and so the sixth year we ask you ones again, to come again and enjoy that which you helped create.Mad Vyking will posting day/time and events very soon... .All music provided by Dawn Radio. We even have a discord for dawn radio and our own section in the champions online discord server ''thank you V E X X''. Stay tuned for more information...



Light in the darkness begins to shine !!!


  • themadvykingthemadvyking Posts: 78 Arc User
    Main Event July 25 2-8pm server time in Champions Online in the Champions HQ. Music provided by Dawn Radio. There will be guests including singer/songwriter Eben Brooks, podcast host Pogoman and artist/letterer Swackhammer. All players of Champions Online. More coming......
  • themadvykingthemadvyking Posts: 78 Arc User
    Start of DawnCon 6 related events Friday July 24th we go multi game. Yes Champions started a multi game event.

    On Champions scheduled for Friday: Alto's CC Catagory Chibi heroes, Bunny Night at the Minefield
    On COH-Everlasting server: Paragon Radio Podcast on Blogtalkradio.com and HERC CC
    On Second Life: Paragon Dawn Club airing all the music from Bunny Night.

    Note: Requests from people who wanted DawnCon in other games came from current and former Champions players
  • alt0angel0skalt0angel0sk Posts: 135 Arc User
    edited May 2020
    Scroll down for more updated ad vvvv

    This Forum Post will Get More updates as time passes on, keep an eye out for more DawnCon information.
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  • themadvykingthemadvyking Posts: 78 Arc User
    Guests coming at this time

    Singer/Songwriter Eben Brooks
    Artist/Letterer/ Indie actor Swackhammer
    Urlik of Metamorhosis IT tech solutions
    Pogoman of Paragon Radio Podcast on Blogtalkradio.com
    Von Phillips of coxcomics.com
    David 2 of Battlerockcomics.wordpress.com
  • alt0angel0skalt0angel0sk Posts: 135 Arc User
    edited May 2020
    DawnCon 6 CC , i (Alto mk-7 v2) plan to host in Champions HQ inside Champions HQ building in ren cen at July 24 7PM server time, will be a HeroGames Champions themed Costume Contest, theme will be: Chibi Champions, NARCOLA, Therakiel Homage tribute, design your own cosmic boss(secret prize), there will be Honorable Mentions as well, Top prizes for the top 3 will be Cosmic aura. Coming Soon....

    see this post for more information for the costume contest: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline#/discussion/1214954/dawncon-6-costume-contest
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