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Hey there!

Hope everyone is staying safe through these crazy times. I’m working on a solo UNTIL Snakecharmer based sg and want to switch it up with a telepath who went under Awakening, but will join UNTIL to take down the terrorist organization.

I’m sure UNTIL would say no, but is there SOMETHING that would make UNTIL reconsider or someone who is a telepath, but can join Snakecharmer instead of Mindgame?

Thanks and stay safe!


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,104 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    Does his membership in Snakecharmer have to be permanent, or can it be on a case-by-case basis? Because it's not uncommon for members of Project Mind Game to be lent to other divisions of UNTIL requiring their assistance. For example, Captain Fujibayashi Tora, Mind Games' strongest mentalist, has worked with UNITY when they had to go up against other strong mentalists. Lieutenant Emil Mauch is a "cybekinetic" who can communicate with and control computers, who often assists the Electronic Warfare Division, including against VIPER's cyber-crimes. (See UNTIL: Defenders Of Freedom p. 70). There could certainly be occasions when Project Snakecharmer could use your character's abilities. That probability increases if he was a former VIPER agent and experimental subject of VIPER's Project Awakening, thus having some knowledge of VIPER's operations.

    VIPER isn't above the equivalent of torture of their experimental subjects to achieve results, giving your character additional reason to reconsider his life-choice. Also, VIPER: Coils Of The Serpent p. 132 notes that the Supreme Serpent has lowered Project Awakening's priority and funding, out of concern over creating mentalists who might try to take over the organization. That makes it more likely your character could have been cut loose, maybe even have become a target for termination as a possible threat.

    BTW among VIPER's rank-and-file, Project Awakening is more frequently referred to as, "the Clutch."
  • kjames91kjames91 Posts: 172 Arc User
    I was thinking more of a permanent assignment. Thanks!
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,104 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    Hmm... well, the most recent roster for UNITY, as described in Champions Universe Sixth Edition (2010) included a "blind mentalist from England," code-named "Psiclops" (p. 126); so not every mentalist is necessarily assigned to Project Mind Game. We just need a reason for UNTIL to conclude your character would be more useful to Project Snakecharmer.

    VIPER puts its recruits through extensive training and indoctrination before being assigned to a Nest, including minor genetic alteration to improve their physical and mental capabilities, even telepathic tampering by the director of VIPER Academy, Augur Maxwell. Perhaps because your character would have undergone the same regimen, he has the talent to detect and identify people who have been through that process, and/or his powers work better on them than on normal folk.

    Of course, if you just want to say UNTIL wants him in Snakecharmer, I don't think anyone would criticize you. Including me. ;)
  • kjames91kjames91 Posts: 172 Arc User
    Thanks for the help, Bulg!
  • leak#2697 leak Posts: 4 New User
    hey guys...
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