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Ladyhawke's Note

For those of you who have to know.

The Cyphertext
Shkfohdrl, Aohur fvb mvy fvby rpukulzz aol vaoly khf. P vusf dpzo dl jvbsk ohcl ylabyulk pa pu rpuk. Zovyasf hml hujpaly fvb slma, dl dlyl hjjvzalk if tltilyz vm vby yhjl dov dl kpk uva yljvnupgl. Aolf avsk bz aoha dl dvbsk ullk av slhk fvb puav h ayhw, vy dl dvbsk il rpsslk. Dl jhu vusf ovwl fvb ohcl zbycpclk av mpnoa huvaoly khf. Nyhruhzo dhuaz bz iljhbzl vm vby ruvdslknl vm aolua rllwlyz vm aol Buruvdhisl Vul, huk iljhbzl vm vby ruvdslknl vm aol spulhnl vm aol Sltbyphu aoyvul. Dl kvu'a ruvd doha hyapmpjl ol dpss kv dpao aoha ruvdslknl, iba dl ilsplcl ol thf il tvyl aohu ol zlltz. Wslhzl, wba avnlaoly doha olsw fvb jhu huk jvtl av Sltbyph. Dl'ss il dhpapun mvy fvb aolyl.

Ladyhawke, Thank you for your kindness the other day. I only wish we could have returned it in kind. Shortly afe anciter you left, we were accosted by members of our race who we did not recognize. They told us that we would need to lead you into a trap, or we would be killed. We can only hope you have survived to fight another day. Graknash wants us because of our knowledge of thent keepers of the Unknowable One, and because of our knowledge of the lineage of the Lemurian throne. We don't know what artifice he will do with that knowledge, but we believe he may be more than he seems. Please, put together what help you can and come to Lemuria. We'll be waiting for you there.

Looks like a typo in the third sentence. But that is how it translates.

And now you know.


  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 714 Arc User
    Thank for this info. So we're going to Lemuria soon, super.
  • andondarkmoreandondarkmore Posts: 593 Arc User
    Displaced by 8
  • squirrelloidsquirrelloid Posts: 868 Arc User
    I just did this myself before looking to see if there was a thread xP.

    I don't know if it's a simple typo. "Shortly afe anciter you left" is clearly supposed to be "shortly after your left". And there's an extra 'nt' before "keepers of the Unknowable One".

    That gives "e anci" and "nt" as extra letters, which easily rearranges to 'ancient' (and pretty much nothing else). Was there supposed to be the word 'ancient' inserted somewhere else in the letter? (And is thus a strange typo). Or is "ancient" supposed to be some hidden additional clue?
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