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Force Cascade Graphic Error

n8mcdn8mcd Posts: 262 Arc User
The 'build-up' emitter for the charge effect of Force Cascade is not binding to the emitter location selected on the power, for any emitter location.

I first noticed that it was a about 1-2 feet to the left of my hands (with either fist or palm emitter location). Sometimes, the build-up emitter appears to fly up beyond camera range, and there is no obvious animation for the build-up effect. Other times, it's several feet ahead of, or to the left of the hands, or behind them, in the body of the character.

The bolt animation appears to be properly channeling from the emitter location, but I could not confirm that to a certainty, nor could I verify that the Area of Effect is properly calculated from the character to the target (and beyond) or if the AoE path is being calculated from the misplaced emitter.

Also, the in-game bug-reporting "Could not connect. Please try again later."
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