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Ideas for Force powers

One thing that would be cool for force is a rune power. I
nstead of a heal, it provides a force field like IDF or maybe a boost to resistance or defense.
You could toss in an advantage that acts like a heal.

Another thing that I think force could use is doing more damage to rooted or snared things. Much like when we fight cosmics and other things that won't move you could do more damage to things that are rooted (maybe with a force gravity power).

Also, it would be nice to have a debuff for force that makes things more susceptible to the powers. Maybe a compression thing. And then you could also make a compression healing/regen thing (apply direct pressure, splint the broken bones, etc).

Lastly, add a damage absorption ability like on Bullet Hail (wall of bullets), Eye of the Storm, Defensive Combo and other abilities to Crushing Wave and Force Blast so you can tank and replenish your PFF with a Force power (other than the Energy build with the advantage).


  • spordeliaspordelia Posts: 304 Arc User
    Force Dome
    PBAoE protective dome for the caster and a number of allies.


    It'd be nice if Force became like our "official" Force Field set, viable for Support (bubbles), Tanking (PFF), as well as DPS. Lots of cool ideas to explore, there!

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