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How do Mechanon and Cyberlord feel about each other?

spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,424 Arc User
edited February 2020 in Champions Pen and Paper RPG
Title. Do they hate each other? Do they see each other as rivals? Potential allies? Have tea together every tuesday?


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,091 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    Cyberlord was originally a background character created by Scott "Thundrax" Bennie for his personal Canadian-based tabletop Champions campaign. He's mentioned in connection to the origin/background of Justiciar in Scott's official Champs source book, Champions Of The North (on which CO Canada is based), but never given a full write-up. The CO devs decided to utilize Cyberlord in the MMO beyond what was written for him in the book, although they haven't explored where he fits into the wider Champions Universe. In response to his CO appearances, Scott wrote a "biography" for the character weaving them together with his own campaign's history, and posted it to these forums. Scott made a point of describing this story as "unofficial," but it doesn't contradict anything in CO, and I can't think of anyone more qualified to give input on the matter. For simplicity's sake I'll transcribe his history of Cybelord below, which will also answer your question, Spinny. :)

    The creature who is now Cyberlord was born Damon Meklar, on a small farm In Saskatchewan in the mid-1930s, at the heart of the Dust Bowl. His affinity with machines began at an early age: he had a knack for repairing broken down farm machinery and tinkering with broken machines to make new, improved farm tools.

    In the mid-1950s, he ventured to the big city, where he sought to transfer those skills into more lucrative areas. Showing an aptitude for engineering, he graduated from the University of Toronto in 1959 and was hired to work in Canada's air defense industry as part of the team building the Avro Arrow.

    But cost overruns led to the cancellation of the Arrow by then Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Many of his co-workers joined NASA, while one, Wally Thompson, built one of the world's most advanced battlearmors and became the first Forceknight. Meklar chose a different path. He had seen some of his most interesting aerospace designs foiled because a human pilot couldn't handle them. But suppose you could alter the human to better fit the machine?

    It was that line of reasoning, along with a lifelong obsession with tinkering with machines that began on the farm, that encouraged Meklar to pursue a career in cybernetics. However, the cancellation of the Arrow project for the pettiest of political reasons embittered Damon. Needing funds, he turned his expertise to the criminal world, freelancing weapon designs for the newly emerged VIPER organization. He was captivated by the careers of larger than life 1960s supervillains like Revenger, and decided that he was just fine living outside the law.

    Meklar spent a decade honing his skills, working at it with an obsession that led to his failed marriage (and the very suspicious death of his wife in a freak VIPER attack) Meklar spent the 70s and 80s testing the supervillain waters, first with the now long-defunct terrorist group WALL, and then the Enemy, a villain team that opposed the first Northern Guard. Meklar even put on a costume and did supervillain duty behind a mask, calling himself the Weaponeer. He also subcontracted privately to rich people who wanted to enhance their bodies with cutting edge cybernetics. One of his clients was Walter Burrell, head of Burrell Industries, who hired him to restore his son David's mobility after he was paralyzed in a mountaineering accident. But a dispute over his fee and a threat to expose Meklar led the cyberneticist to murder the industrialist and leave David in cryo-storage for future experiments.

    The defeat of the Enemy resulted in Meklar's flight to Western Canada, where he built several cyborgs (each known as Dreadnought) in an effort to play behind the scenes mastermind. He also subcontracted to a group of wealthy Western Canadian separatists that became the backbone of the Hunter-Patriots. But the local team SUNDER defeated both his cyborgs and the separatists, and his failure to deliver on a contract to kill SUNDER's volatile second-in-command, Avenger, led to the villain fleeing stateside. There he attempted to capture and study the newly emerged robot villain Mechanon. But Mechanon was too much for him, and his attempt to interface with the genocidal robot fried Meklar's already deranged brain.

    Meklar became obsessed with scavenging technology from every source available -- hero, villain, and alien alike -- and becoming earth's supreme lord and master of all tech, a Cyberlord who would surpass even Dr. Destroyer and Mechanon. It was this obsession that led Meklar to begin cybernetic alterations on his own body and the body of his own son Joseph, whom he rechristened Circ. It was this obsession that led Meklar to make a deal with the Gadroon: in exchange for the secrets of their gravitic technology, he would produce an army of cyborgs under Gadroon control, to be used to mollify the human population while the aliens altered earth's biosphere to their liking. These cyborgs would be called Justiciars, and they would ensure that humanity would be led like lambs to the slaughter. But Lyle Doerksen, the third Forceknight, had caught wind of the new Gadroon presence on earth, and he assembled a team of Canadian heroes to stop them, The trail led Forceknight and his reformed Northern Guard team straight to Meklar, and in the ensuing battle, David Burrell was released and immediately turned on his father's killer.

    Cyberlord was caught in the crossfire of this fight by his ally, a supervillain named Megavolt, and was electrocuted to death. David Burrell, christening himself Justiciar, took in young Circ as his ward. In 2008, well after Circ reached the age of majority, the two men married.

    Cyberlord's body was dead but he had transferred his consciousness in electronic form into a Hunter-Patriot database. Posing as an AI, Cyberlord designed a series of cyborgs for the Hunter-Pats and guided their organization as much as he was able, while directing them to craft him a new body and (in imitation of the Warlord) a carrier ship base. After a series of defeats decimated the Hunter-Pats' command staff, Cyberlord finally transferred into his new body in 2008 and resumed his master plan, revealing himself publicly in 2011 when he attempted to scavenge a Roin'esh ship. He was defeated by his son in law Justiciar and an ally, but thanks to a mysterious benefactor, he quickly regained his freedom. Defeat unhinged him even further. Vowing revenge on Justiciar, his "traitor" son Circ, and pretty much anyone who's ever crossed his path, Cyberlord planned a reign of technological terror that he would let loose on the world.

    Unchallenged! Master of technology! Lord of the Future! Albert Zerstoiten would laugh at him if he didn't feel it was beneath him. Mechanon considers him inferior even to organics, a tinkertoy abomination deserving only obliteration. In truth, Cyberlord remains a technological scavenger whose days of genuine innovation are long behind him. However, he is still more than capable of integrating the efforts of others into his "technological empire", and in the superhuman world, that makes him dangerous enough.

    Which is where he stands at the beginning of Carrier Wave, where it looks like he's responsible for an attack on the Champions' computer Socrates, even if the Champions have never been his target before...
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,424 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    So then the Tuesday tea time thing is unlikely. Thanks!
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