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Political Corruption

Hey there!

So I have a backstory on a former MCPD investigator that has turned vigilant after being fired for being framed for an old flame's murder who worked with Frank Zaretti (Fight Club mission NPC). Is it possible that the MCPD/ government is corrupted by criminals. Police officers passing money under the table type deal? Thanks!


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,091 Arc User
    While there's no specific, definitive book statement for or against the idea, IMO it's absolutely possible -- human nature doesn't change just because some humans become super. ;) Corrupt politicians, military, and the like are already explicit parts of the setting, so it's not like Champions America is unrealistically pure. The MC source book doesn't mention any public or law-enforcement official who's notably corrupt (that's what Hudson City's for :p ), but any big city bureaucracy will have its bad apples. MC is meant to be a positive, hopeful place, so such people should definitely be the minority, but not nonexistent.
  • kjames91kjames91 Posts: 170 Arc User
    Thank you! Gotta have some bad apples to bob out right? (Poor Fall joke. Ha!)
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