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Wrapped Sandal

spordeliaspordelia Posts: 275 Arc User
‘Wrapped Sandal’: add the leg straps to Footwear Accessories, so we can combine them w/ other Feet options.



  • speanozspeanoz Posts: 71 Arc User
    Huh, that's pretty neat. I like it!
  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,407 Arc User
    edited October 10
    I'm okay with this, although the band at the top is a little thick. Also needs a heel variant.

    Edit: Also thigh-high version maybe?
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  • spordeliaspordelia Posts: 275 Arc User
    edited October 11
    That's the idea – cut the bottom part out of ‘Wrapped Sandal’ and the straps over to Footwear Accessories; to be combined with heels, other flat options and whatever else. :)

    (ex: combined w/ 'Pulp Heel')
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