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Googly Eye Ray

so, i'm sure most of those who were here for this year's foxbatcon know this item has perks attached to it if you use it on certain NPCs...exactly HOW MANY perks in total can you get with it?

i've already got the 6 champions (defender, witchcraft, sapphire, kinetik, ironclad and nighthawk - thank you anniversary event, as all of the champions that line up in front of their HQ after a destroid event ends count for the device) justiciar and shadow destroyer (from nemcon) and i think i saw it mentioned somewhere that foxbat himself also gives a perk, so i'll have to try on the next alert one that pops up to see if it counts

but what other NPCs can be googled and gives a perk for it, and is there a special prize for getting all of them? i don't see a wrapper perk for them, so i'm guessing no​​
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