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FC.31.20190827.4 - Anniversary

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer
edited August 2019 in PTS - The Archive

Please use these threads for feedback:
Might Framework Power Changes: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline#/discussion/1213662/feedback-might-framework-power-changes/
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  • Added Retro Defender Helmet, Chest Wear, Hips Layer and Boots costumes to the event store.
  • New Event Contact: Top Ten. He will have new weekly missions during the anniversary.

Secret Identity Lockbox
This lockbox has been added to the debugger store.

New items to this lockbox:
  • Casual Costume Box
  • Power Skating travel power
  • Bladed Fury ultimate power
  • Phonebooth costume transformation
  • Energy Surge costume transformation
  • Run Scared emote

  • Added Ray-Zar panther sidekick to the pts store.

Power Changes

  • Removed I Only Need One punch advantage.

New Power: Final Punch
  • Brick Framework Ultimate
  • Deals heavy damage to one target that scales with your Enrage stacks. Knocks back your target and nearby targets. Expires all Form stacks on you.

New Power: Bladed Fury
  • Martial Arts Shared Ultimate
  • Deals damage to targets around you hat scales off of your focus stacks. Knocks down targets and applies Shredded.

Charged Up
  • Reduced amount of speed each stack gives, but increased the max stack count to 5.

  • This advantage now applies Charged Up instead of Versatility.

Laughing Zephyr
  • Now applies 2 stacks of Charged up at r1, 3 at r2, and 5 at r3.

  • Rage of the Beast advantage: Now applies 5 stacks of Charged Up on you.

Lightning Strike
  • Charged Up advantage: Can now stack Charged Up. Also refreshes existing stacks.

Active Offenses
  • Ranking these up now provides a larger bonus to damage.

Master of the Mind/Feral Rage
  • Reduced cooldown to 90 seconds (from 150).

  • Reduced Crit and Severity amount.
  • Updated tooltip to reflect that the amount scales with your health.

Ice Sheathe
  • The Critical Severity now scales based on the amount of your Chill stacks on your target.

  • Chill can now stack up to 9 times on a target. Individual players can still only stack up to 3, but the total amount that can be on a target is now 9.

Wall of Ice
  • Damage from this power is now a short duration dot.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fissure: Fixed a bug where the healing rune was applied at your location.
  • Impressive Physique/Endorphin Rush: Fixed scaling with Heal Rating bonuses.
  • Ebon Ruin: Fixed a bug where this power had a very small window to block cancel it.
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