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A sample few power sets for Sonic and Shapeshifting


Energy builder: Lyrical Lash (A quick sonic blast, generates energy), also Strumming (with a guitar animation)
Shriek: Single target sonic damage
Ballad: AoE sonic damage
Song of Power: Buff for yourself and allies
Song of Healing: Healing AoE
Song Bird: Slotted Passive, increases sonic damage
Concert: Stronger AoE, give a few advantages like Electric Concert, adding electric damage and Death Metal (fears opponents). Can choose both advantages instead of levelling it up.
Platinum Artist: The active offense, increases sonic damage based on Ego and Recovery
Heavy Metal Barrage: A more distinctly metal-themed AoE with the Death Metal advantage available for this one too that fears opponents.
Haunting Dirge: Fear causing AoE that can be given some limited life steal advantages.
Electric Solo: AoE electric damage using a guitar to play magical melodies!

So the sonic power set uses many AoEs because it makes sense that sonic damage would hit like that. Add in the current sonic themed abilities like Howl and we have ourselves a complete power set.


Become various forms that affect your stats and give you brand new abilities while transformed. Each change has a two minute cooldown (which would be re-worked if necessary). Considered active offenses.

Bear Form: Become a bear and enjoy +20 strength and constitution. Uses the same animations as the bear pets do in game. Powers gained: Bestial fury, slash, bite, demolish, passive is defiant
Wolf Form: +15 strength and + 10 constitution using the same animations as the wolves in the game. Powers gained: Bestial fury, slash, bite and howl passive is defiant
Monstrous Form, probably an Ultimate: Become a terrifying monster +30 strength and +30 constitution. +20 Recovery. Uses the vampire bat monster from the New Shadows, the big werewolves from the Dogz, and other forms. Powers change to: Bestial fury, Frenzy, Thrash, Regeneration, and Haymaker.

Also, could tie into new travel powers. We already have spirit wolf, let's add a regular wolf, a spirit bear, and a normal bear too.

So there's a few things that could be added.


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