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Endgame: So You're Level 40

qawsadaqawsada Posts: 727 Arc User
So you just tick level 40, or you're a returning player that haven't been around for quite awhile, and you want to know what you can do with this new found power. I would recommend that you should set a goal, whether its getting the best gear set in the game, gathering all the costume pieces, collecting devices, or simply just get rich. I'll give you a brief description of each of the content available, along with a link that would lead to a specific thread detailing these content.

If you want to know how to setup for end game content, I would recommend looking into these following links:
Healer Builds
DPS Builds
Tank Guide
Crowd Control CC
Block. BLOCK!
Hero Creator
Powerset Specifics
Superstats and Spec Trees

In terms of rewards, Silver Champions Recognition (SCR) and Gold Champions Recognition (GCR) are the most valuable currencies in the game because the best gear set in the game require these two currencies. Most of the content in this game drop Silver Champions Recognition. You can turn in these currencies to the Champion Recognition Vendor found in the Recognition Vendor area. To a lesser extend, there are Globals, which are the "Gold" of this game, and Questionite, which has it own store and can be use to convert to Zen aka the Cashshop money. Devices, costume pieces, certain gear set, action figures, auras, and mods, and device are possible rewards from specific kinds of content.

I would recommend joining the End Game Channel and Trade, former for discussing endgame it self, lfg, and catching the cosmic timer. The latter is for trading.
/channel_join "TheEndGame"
/channel_join "trade"

I would also highly recommend you join the DISCORD

Cosmic Monster Link1
Cosmics are giant monster that act like open world raids. This require a coordination of many players in specific roles and strategy to defeat these colossal juggernaut. At the moment, there are three giant monsters that are consider cosmics: Kigatilik, Qwyjibo, and Teleiosaurus. Arguably, it one of the most popular way to obtain both SCR and GCR. Be sure to talk to Until Liaison Irwin to obtain the cosmic daily

Teleios Ascendant[/url] Link1 Link2
Teleios Ascendant is currently the most difficult Lair/Dungeon in the game. The Lair consist of fighting many bosses with their own mechanic and a whole lot of team work. Having roles is require to have a successful run within this Lair. You do these to get SCR and GCR with the occasional Determination Secondary Gear drop.

Rampages are special Alerts that rotate each after a certain amount of days. These alert require the most amount of players do these relatively difficult alerts, between 8 to 10 players. You do these alert to get Tokens require to get the Justice Gear set and SCR. For the complete Justice Set, you need the following:
  • 6 Superdense Diamond (Gravitar)
  • 2 Hypercooled Ignimbrite (Fire and Ice) Link1
  • 2 Destreum Bearing (Sky Command)
  • 2 Petrified Scale (Lemurian Invasion)

Daily Alerts
Dailies is a common term for the quest given to the three main alerts: Grab, Burst, and Smash. The Daily Quest rotate between doing 3 grabs, 3 burst, 3 smash, and one of each call APB. The reward is about 5 SCR upon completion.

Speaking of Alerts, the SMASH alert itself is a decent source of Global. They're usually quick and require little effort to farm Global with this route.

Custom Alerts: Vigilance
These custom alerts are alerts that are part of a large rotation that change every week. The difficulty varies from alert to alert, but they’re all tie to the quest, Vigilance. Vigilance reward the player 30,000 Questionite for completing all the listed custom alert. Each Custom Alert has their own daily quest that reward the player 5 SCR for completing it for the day. Each of these Custom Alerts also has a varieties of rewards only found in those alerts. The list are as follow:
  • Forum Malvanum
  • FATAL ERROR: Cybermind Link
  • GRAB the Money and Run
  • Green Dragon
  • Red Winter
  • Harmon Labs
  • Red Banner
  • Save the Earth Link
There is also a tracker if you want to know which character needs what, but you have to check mark it manually. Link

Qliphothic Warzone
The Qliphothic Warzone is a zone exclusively for level 40. Its meant to be THE area for endgame. Before you can enter the zone, you need to complete a simple quest, Hermes Revisited, given by Until Liaison Bradley. There are three important content within this zone you should know about:

Long War
The Long War Questline is a bunch of quests that have you interact with the zone itself. These quests reward a large amount of SCR. Completing the Long War require the player to complete the quest Nightwatch 5 times, which each Nightwatch requiring 5 Warzone daily quests. Completing the Long War allows you to purchase things that require the completion of this quest in the GCR store.

Open Mission Link
The Open Mission in the Warzone consist of three OM bosses, Oubliette, Slug, and Portal Guardian. With a decent team players, the OM is a nice source of SCR. If your team manage to beat all three OM before their cooldown timer reset...

Eidolon of Destruction Link
At the start of the game, Shadow Destroyer was hype up to be the cause of many problem surrounding all the Crisis story and eventually, the Vibora Bay Apocalypse. He is now ascended to become the Eidolon of Destruction. While one would consider him a cosmic monster, in a sense, he is a league of his own. He requires all three OM to be finish without having one of the OM being open. The fight itself require the largest amount of team play and coordination if you ever consider having some sort of victory. Because of this, Eido is the hardest fight in the game.


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    I'm helping.
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  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 727 Arc User
    Events are what they are, Events. They occur once or twice of month, or a specific month depending on the event. These Events host many daily quests, open world mission, and all other content all fit in a central theme, depending on the event. They generally give you costume pieces, vehicle, devices, and a whole lots of other goodies. These are the events found the game so far
    Costume Building
    With all the costume you earn, bought, or given, you might as well put them to good use. Champions Online has the highest amount of character customization in any MMO at the moment, more so than City of Heroes. You could spend hours making different kind characters, only limit to your imagination and the game limit. Its unheard of that players spend hours, if not days, playing around with the tailor.

    Costume Contest Link
    Costume Contest are contests hosted by many players for the best costume of the category. This is mostly a community made event, but a very consistent one. They tend to offer rewards to the best costume design in their category. You should join this channel to get your latest Costume Contest news.

    /channel_join "contests-central"

    Champions Online is the ultimate game for Altitis, like myself. With a cap of 120 character slots and an infinite amount of customization from costume and powerset, this can keep you busy for months.

    Onslaught Villain Link
    Onslaught Villain is a pseudo PvP/PvE content that let you become one of three villains. You generally go around attacking players (you don’t) or killing targets to fill in your quota for the daily. You do these to get the OV secondary gear, which are the best secondary gear set in the game.

    Player Vs Player is another form of endgame, ranging from dueling to Hero Game. You fight other players.

    Nemesis Link
    Nemesis is a content where you fight your own Nemesis! You create your Nemesis and do Nemcom, the Questline, or Save the Earth to get those tokens to unlock all those reward found in the Nemesis Vendor.

    Lairs are the dungeons of this game. Its a good idea to have a party of 5 players to do these lairs. At the moment, the there are 4 Lairs that offers SCR, one already mention, Teleios Ascendant. Lt. Morrigan has the daily for both Andrith Ruins and Factory while Caliburn has the daily for the Therakiels Temple.
    • Teleios Ascendant
    • Andrith Ruins
    • Dr. Destoryer's Factory
    • Therakiels Temple

    Mega Destroids Open Mission
    An Open World Event in Millennium City that require a good amount of players to do. It consist of fighting Dr. Destoryer’s army, leading up to a fight against two Mega Destroids. Talk to Lt. Morrigan for the daily quest. Great for keeping your heroes busy in between Cosmics.

    The RP in MMORPG. Roleplaying is still a thing in CO, although you have to go and look for them to do the Roleplaying. You can visit the C.O.R.P. for more guidance on RPing in Co. There is also the Club Caprice.

    Death Rattle
    A Serialized Story that happens to be a good source of SCR. Apparently Voice Acted.

    Adventure Pack
    Adventure Pack is the closest thing you will get to a storyline (the other being Crisis). You pick an Adventure Pack, and you follow the storyline like as if its a comic book. You generally get SCR from doing these if you pick up the daily from Defender and Until Liason Bradley.

    Reign of Frogs and ASCIING For Trouble
    There isn’t much to say about this other than that these two open mission can drop SCR, devices unique to that Open Mission, and costume pieces. The Frog OM can found in Canada while the ASCII OM can be found in the Desert at Snake Gulch.

    Steel Crusade
    A Questline that gives the player SCR for completing many of the quests. Dr. Silverback, found in the northern part of the Millennium City, offer the start of this questline.

    Unity and Unity 2
    A questline that have you do stuff for the Unity. You only do this if you’re utterly and desperately need of SCR.

    Idling in Rencen
    The ultimate endgame. You stand around, usually in front of the MC Powerhouse Gate, and look important while you afk or watch a bunch of players duel each other. Great for alt-tabing.
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,915 Arc User
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    Also, when reading from the arcane writs of Kamokami, do not expect yourself to fully understand it the first time you read it. Much of it only makes sense after you've tried doing it and have seen how it plays out in person.
    My characters
  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 727 Arc User
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    There is a mirror link to the Reddit version and the Steam version. I would probably update the Steam version more often due to the weird functionality of this forum.
  • psychicslugpsychicslug Posts: 610 Arc User
    Should be so you grind your way all the way to the end and guess what more grind and same old attack, heal, attack , block , attack heal, etc. The only reason i really log on any more is to do the event seasonal things to collect costume options, because the content is just so repetitive. I long for a game, that is so much more, different things like investigation, social advancement and interaction as a way to level. I played and old game called vanguard it was a fantasy medieval MMO, had the character each with 3 different things to level. A craft/adventure/and a social system of leveling which was like a card game with moves and counter moves and you had a hand to build before you start the interaction with the person. In it cloths and things could help, just like gear in the adventuring part and tools in the crafting part. The deal is that most games, like this only focus on kill the creature and gear, and builds to defeat more foes and story is just a way to get you to point a and b. The only way is to fight them, what if you had multiple ways to get from A to B. You could convince the thugs to stop, join the thugs, fight the thugs, call the police and help them take the thugs out, or get a rival gang to do it for you as a favor or plant evidence that the other hit their turf. And there are many more ways, i write adventures and run role playing games for around 40 years so, i like stories and writing them, interesting characters and things. Back stories that help shape your path, and every choice further defines your character and how others see him be it hero or villain or maybe somewhere in between. A dynamic world with many options not sure if it is possible, but the old game i stated at the start had some great ideas, even had base houses and you could build boats, and cities and the economy in the game could depend on the players with some farming and making money fishing and other things.
  • shreddoggshreddogg Posts: 23 Arc User
    Are they ever going to add more content? Raise level cap enlarge map, maybe new island?
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