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yet another travel power

naciiitonaciiito Posts: 809 Arc User
edited July 13 in Suggestions Box
Travel Power: "Bruiser" Athletics
I think the game would benefit from a travel power that functioned like Acrobatics/Athletics, but had the 'feel' of Super Jump, with its powerful movements and earth-shattering landings.

The current travel powers in this category are great, but they all feel too graceful with their assorted flips. I'd like my character to feel like he has the power of a charging rhinoceros, tearing up the ground underneath it. I think this could be done by using the jumping animations from Super Jump, and tearing up the ground while running like Super Speed, all the while maintaining the movement stats of Athletics/Acrobatics.​​
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  • duratokgorehowlduratokgorehowl Posts: 40 Arc User
    I'd very much like this. Acrobatics/athletics is my favorite type of travel power, as I really enjoy the versatility it offers. And even though I use it for Duratok, it never quite felt *right* for Duratok. While Super Jump looked good on him I hated how slow and cumbersome it was.

    You've got my support!
  • theteedontheteedon Posts: 8 Arc User
    This would be perfect to fit the intimidating and mighty aesthetic of large brickhouse heroes.
  • themightyzeniththemightyzenith Posts: 4,212 Arc User
    This would be a welcome thematic addition.
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  • bughousebughouse Posts: 89 Arc User
    I'm sold! You had me at "virtual property damage". :)
  • daroschdarosch Posts: 2 Arc User
    This is Rumble approved.
  • zombiehunter1968zombiehunter1968 Posts: 70 Arc User
    This would be an excellent addition to the game - as long as it wasn't locked behind a lockbox.
  • mawaynemawayne Posts: 72 Arc User
    Excellent suggestion.
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