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Dead Pixels - British TV sitcom about MMORPGs

ellie90#8113 ellie90 Posts: 1 Arc User
Having binged Dead Pixels, the British sitcom about a clan of MMORPG players, I’m still trying to figure out what to make of it. There’s some sly observations about the different types of players: the roleplayer, the achiever, the idiot n00b who keeps disrupting the vibe, the ERPers in their sordid social spaces. It’s savvy about gamer culture, but still peddles the idea that gamers are an antisocial tribe, whether it’s Meg constantly whining about how her private parts are shrivelling up, or the American, Usman, who’s slowly losing his family to the game. The Big Bang Theory has ploughed this furrow already.

Still, there were a few yucks to be had about grinding, about ganking in pvp, in-game protests, and the dangers of playing with relatives. It was funny and filthy in equal measure. However, there was one sour note, when writer Jon Brown used Meg as a proxy for a Gamergate-style attack on a ‘fake geek girl’.

I suspect there may be a season 2, when the players finally get to grips with the next expansion.
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