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  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,287 Arc User
    Just shoot some arrows
  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,424 Arc User
    Corporations and conservative politicians: Cool, it's not a problem now so we're free to pollute more!
    (Hopefully) Useful CO Resources: HeroCreator (character planner), Cosmic Timers/Alert Checklist, Blood Moon Map, Anniversary Cat Map, and more (eventually, anyway).
  • kallethenkallethen Posts: 1,569 Arc User
    Did they hire Burns recently?​​
    100% of the world is crazy, 95% are in denial.

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  • chaosdrgnz43chaosdrgnz43 Posts: 1,589 Arc User
    Lord Sans (Full Healer FF)/Axel Leonard (Crowd Controller/Off-Tank)
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    Feel free to visit my websites!^^:
  • roughbearmattachroughbearmattach Posts: 4,784 Arc User
    Just spent some time with my students on that very bit of news last week.

    Whoever you are, be that person one hundred percent. Don't compromise on your identity.
  • thebluelinkthebluelink Posts: 16 Arc User
    Hi, I like to show up sometimes.
  • sistersiliconsistersilicon Posts: 1,686 Arc User
    Suddenly, Highlander II: The Quickening is relevant to society. This must be the darkest timeline.
    Choose your enemies carefully, because they will define you / Make them interesting, because in some ways they will mind you
    They're not there in the beginning, but when your story ends / Gonna last with you longer than your friends
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,041 Arc User
    "Just release a bunch of chemicals into the air to fix what's wrong" is basically the plot of The Surge. Can't wait to get my cool permanent exo-frame as part of being a permanent live-in employee at a giant factory!​​
  • darqaura2darqaura2 Posts: 928 Arc User
    What could possibly go wrong? =)
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