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Permanent Gravitic Teleport

poptartmaniac#8493 poptartmaniac Posts: 131 Arc User
edited February 26 in Suggestions Box
A permanent version of the gadroon lunge device, nerf it's damage, give it a 20-30 second recharge. why? because melee tanks may not have room for a lunge (Specially dodgetanks) being forced to choose a stun to pull kigatilik's dogs, and no stun device being viable for it, poisoned shuriken being the only one that is, yet has a long cooldown that doesn't expire fast enough for the next dog howl, even with cooldown reduction and aura of arcane clarity.

lunges are very useful for melee tanks specially when tanking grond in teleios ascendant.
So i think a perma device for it would be nice even if locked behind Champion Recognition and perks
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