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FC.31.20190108.19 - Darkness Changes

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer
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  • Added Energy Step travel power to the debugger.
  • Added Feral Rage power unlock to the debugger.

  • Powers that have fixed cooldowns (Eruption device, for example) now display a numeric timer when on cooldown.

  • Added additional Regen Dummies in the Millennium City powerhouse.

Darkness Framework

Shadow Embrace
  • No longer uses escalating damage.
  • Damage and cost recalculated.
  • New Advantage (2): Heals you for a small amount for each target hit.

Dark Transfusion
  • New Advantage (2): Increases base healing for your next direct heal, but makes you immune to heals briefly.

Soul Vortex
  • Updated visuals.
  • No longer applies Fear innately, this has been moved to an advantage.
  • Increased pull effect.
  • The pull will now only target enemies outside of its damage radius.
  • The pull now scales with rank.
  • Fixed a bug where the Soul Drain advantage wasn't applying Dependency properly.
  • This power now leaves behind a healing rune once the Vortex expires.
  • Lowered cooldown to 10 seconds (from 15).
  • New Advantage (2): Chance to apply fear to targets.

Ebon Rift
  • The pull will now only target entities outside of its damage radius.
  • The pull now scales with rank.
  • Updated tooltips.
  • New Advantage (2): Chance to apply Bane to targets.
  • New Advantage (2): Applies Flashfire when partially maintained.

Shadow Blast
  • No longer inantely applies the Devoid debuff.
  • New Advantage: Applies the Devoid debuff on full charge. If the target is affected by Dimensional Collapse or Ebon Rift, applies this effect in a area around the target.
  • New Advantage (2): Partially charging this power consumes all Summon Shadow pets around your target and heals you for each one consumed.

Ebon Ruin
  • Increased base damage of power.
  • Cost has been recalculated for new damage.
  • Removed Despair from this power.
  • Removed Return to the Darkness advantage. This advantage has been moved to Shadow Blast.
  • Increased Nyctophobia advantage to 2 points, increased damage value.
  • New Advantage (1): Using this power doubles the effectiveness of the Shadow Feast heal on Shadow Form.

Shadow Shroud
  • New Advantage (2): Grants you a perception bonus.

Spirit Reverberation
  • This energy unlock now scales off of Recovery primarily.
  • Changed to apply energy over time to bring it in line with other recent energy unlocks.

New Power: Dimensional Collapse
  • Damage over time. Knocks down targets.
  • Advantage (2): Knocks back instead of knocking down.
  • Advantage (2): Roots targets.
  • Advantage (2): Applies fear to targets.
  • Advantage (2): Refreshes Devoid.

New Power: Madness Aura
  • Toggle Power
  • While toggled on, nearby objects will either be flung at nearby enemies or explode where they are.
  • Also has a chance to apply fear to nearby targets.
  • Exploded objects apply Devoid to targets.
  • This power uses your Presence to decide if you can lift an object.
  • Advantage (2): Instead of applying fear, applies Bane instead.

New Power: Shadow Manifestation
  • Ranged Toggle Form
  • Scales with presence.

Misc Power Changes
  • This power now deals a base amount of damage, and deals additional damage if any objects are thrown.
  • Outright defeats low ranking enemies if a Mass 7 object is thrown.
  • Disorients affected targets.
  • Knocks down primary target if a object of low mass is thrown.
  • Knocks back primary target is a object of high mass is thrown.
  • Stuns all targets if a object with high mass is thrown.
  • Increased cooldown to 5 seconds (from 0).
  • Cost and damage has changed.

Bane Effect
  • Updated what effects the Bane effect can apply. Updated tooltips on powers that apply this.

Ego Blade Pandemonium
  • The crit chance buff on this power now only applies to Telekinetic powers.
  • Lowered crit chance buff on this power.

Dragon's Claw/Dragon's Wrath
  • Removed Dragon Rush from these powers and moved them to an advantage.
  • While it was stated in the past that we would only adjust these powers once their framework review had come around, due to the Dragon Rush effect causing balance issues we are choosing to move the effect to an advantage now.

  • Fixed a bug where this power only healed for 1 stack of bleed.
  • Fixed a bug where this power would not heal if the target was affected by Deep Wound.
  • The heal on this power is now considered a life drain effect.

Master of the Mind
  • Increased breakfree damage.
  • Increased Hold and knock resistance.

Pulse Beam Rifle
Finite Probability Engine Advantage
  • Unknown Side Effects effect: Updated the root this power applies to match the current Root effect.

Sorcery Circles
  • Now have a set cost instead of using your Equilibrium.

New Power: Feral Rage
  • Bestial Supernatural Ultimate
  • Can be obtained in the Punk lockbox.
  • Active Ultimate.
  • Increases the base damage of all Bestial Supernatural abilities.
  • Gives all of your Bestial Supernatural abilities a chance to apply Bleed based on the number of Rage stacks on you.
  • Hitting targets affected by your Bleeds heals you.
  • Overrides your running speed. This effect can be removed by nailed to the ground.
  • Increases Hold and Knock resistance.
  • Places all active offense and defense powers on long cooldown.
  • Removes all form stacks on you once the effect ends.
  • Advantage (2): Aoe threat wipe. Puts you to sleep for a short time. The sleep cannot be broken out of.
  • Advantage (2): Increases threat based on your rage stacks.

New Archetype: The Midnight
Dexterity - Presence - Recovery
  • Level 1: Shadow Bolt
  • Level 1: Shadow Blast
  • Level 6: Shadow Embrace
  • Level 8: Shadow Form
  • Level 11: Dimensional Collapse OR Soul Vortex
  • Level 14: Shadow Manifestation
  • Level 17: Ebon Ruin
  • Level 21: Ebon Void
  • Level 25: Spirit Reverberation
  • Level 30: Shadow Shroud OR Circle of Ebon Wrath
  • Level 35: Ebon Rift OR Summon Shadows
  • Level 40: Madness Aura

The Void
Stats changed to Presence - Constitution - Recovery to better suit its powers.
  • Level 14: Shadow Manifestation
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