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Which powers Rupture and/or Consume Bleeds?

criswolf09criswolf09 Posts: 656 Arc User
As the tittle says, I want to know which powers can consume the Bleed debuff please and more specifically what secondary bonus effects cause rupturing them?.
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Best Answers

  • rtmartma Posts: 1,193 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Bite, Eviscerate, Reapers Embrace as for as I'm aware, they basically spike damage, Bite gives you consumption which is a HoT, while Eviscerate applies Deep Wound relative to the Bleed stacks you applied, that is a more powerful DoT Debuff that cannot apply bleeds while active and which Thrash suppose to take advantage of.
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  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,693 Arc User
    edited July 2018 Accepted Answer
    Reaper's Embrace (burst dmg), Bite (heals), Eviscerate (high-dps DoT, prevents bleed application during). Tooltips in-game should spell it all out in more detail (and more for their various special advs).
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