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What is Presence?

spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,447 Arc User
I'll just make a list of questions I have.

1. Is Presence an attribute in PnP Champions?

If so:
2. What does it do in PnP mechanics-wise?
3. What is it meant to represent in a RPing sense? Is it basically just a renamed Charisma attribute?

4. What does Presence represent in CO?
5. Whatever it represents, why does that cause you to heal better? It used to adjust your threat which made sense, but the healing thing doesn't really make sense to me.


  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Posts: 1,564 Arc User
    you know all those famous leaders like patton and macarthur and whatnot who seem to have this...commanding aura that makes so many WANT to follow them everywhere, even into the very jaws of hell? that what's presence is in an RP sense

    charisma is different because that's something wherein you talk people into doing whatever you want...with a strong presence, people already want to do that before you've even said a single word​​
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,096 Arc User
    In the PnP Hero System, Presence (PRE) is a Characteristic which represents the character's forcefulness, bravery, confidence, bearing, and leadership qualities -- in short, his impressiveness. PRE allows characters to impress or awe others, and resist the effects of another character's high PRE.

    Powerful individuals are impressive. Some can be so overwhelming that they can make others stop and listen, or even obey commands. The Hero System simulates this with Presence Attacks, an attempt to influence a target. It affects anyone who can hear the character performing it, provided it's intended for them. Although Presence Attacks are most often used in combat (to make an opponent hesitate or surrender), out of combat characters can use them to persuade, inspire, or interrogate NPCs.

    To perform a Presence Attack, a character rolls 1d6 for every 5 points of PRE he has, and compares the total of the Presence Attack to the defender's PRE or EGO (whichever is higher). The difference determines the level of effect of the Presence Attack, i.e. to what degree the target's behavior is affected.

    PRE is also used to determine the target number to roll when employing Skills to interact with others, from Animal Handler to High Society to Trading. The character gets a base Skill Roll calculated at 9 + PRE/5. The player rolls 3D6, and a roll equal to or less than his target roll means the character succeeded at that use of his Skill.

    There are lots of modifiers to these mechanics, but those are the basics.
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