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Mercenary Gear

rastus427rastus427 Posts: 14 Arc User
How do you or can you change the level of Mercenary Gear? Couldn't find this in a search :p


  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,528 Arc User
    Mercenary gear stays the same level its entire life. To get different levels of Mercenary gear, you have to open Mercenary boxes on a character at the level you want them at. They'll match the level of that character.​​
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  • rastus427rastus427 Posts: 14 Arc User
    All I know of is Q Store gear. How do I get Merc boxes?
  • magpieuk2014magpieuk2014 Posts: 1,228 Arc User
    You get the Merc boxes from opening lockboxes or through buying them on the Auction House. They're probably not the best investment at lower levels where you'll outgrow them quickly. Questionite store gear, Nemesis Heirloom gear (RIP), and similar stuff (which levels with you, automatically) is a better bet.
  • rastus427rastus427 Posts: 14 Arc User
    I get them to 40 and dump them, I have hardly experienced "end game" stuff/ I know there's fortune to be made with lower level Merc gear. It's too bad I have to depend on luck to get the gear. So it looks like I'll take my Q and build a tank for the Armadillo gear, give that a shot.
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