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Does anybody have significant info about UNTIL? All I found was a wiki page, but it's pretty superficial: http://championsonline.wikia.com/wiki/UNTIL

@bulgarex , can you help me once again? :p


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,134 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    There is in fact a tremendous amount of information extant about UNTIL, too much to effectively summarize here. UNTIL: Defenders Of Freedom, the official source book for the agency, is a 180-page volume covering all facets of the organization: history, mandate and legal authority, operational structure from front-line squad agents to high command, recruitment, a wide variety of agent types with specialized functions and training, combat and investigative tactics, global activities, bases and facilities, weapons and equipment, vehicles, relations with superheroes they associate with and villains they pursue, commonly-used acronyms and slang... just about everything you could want to add verisimilitude to your UNTIL PCs and NPCs.

    Because it's an older book and written for the Fifth Edition of the Hero PnP game system (current edition is Sixth), the PDF of U:DOF has been marked down to a mere $9.50 US: herogames.com/forums/store/product/442-until-defenders-of-freedom-pdf/
  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
    Thanks, I'll take a look into that book!

    The more I search about Champions Universe, the more i get hooked! :)
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,134 Arc User
    Outside of the Big Two comics publishers, there's no superhero world as vast, diverse, and with as much history as the Champions Universe. The current official setting is detailed in literally dozens of books.
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