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So Smackwell and Caliga had a baby.....

nephtnepht Posts: 6,871 Arc User
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Some of you know last year I got some budgies I named Caliga and Smackwell.
Because Smackwell had a purple looking cere I mistook her for a dude ( Called her Smackwell because Smacky is grumpy and hard to get a screenie of) well anyway this happened recently turned out Smacky was a girl. She laid 3 eggs in my motorcycle boots of all things. Anyway because I have a few types of birbs I had an unused nest box and all that stuff. Too my surprise one eventually hatched. So here is the attention seeker Caliga with his 8 week old pride and joy Vixy.

Called her Vixy as even at 8 weeks old shes already beating her parents up. (Fully aware I most likely guessed Vixy's gender wrongly :I )
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