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Powers that can't crit

gabrion2gabrion2 Posts: 18 Arc User
Just wondering if someone knows of the top of their head which powers can't crit, but have damage scaling off crit/severity.

For example, I see frag grenade works this way. I'm scanning through powers now, but hoping it might be faster to just ask the knowledgeable folks here. :)


  • roughbearmattachroughbearmattach Posts: 4,784 Arc User
    The telepathy DoTs (Damage over Time) powers work this way.

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  • gabrion2gabrion2 Posts: 18 Arc User
    Thank you, I hadn't looked at telepathy. Any others you can think of?
  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 9,708 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    Most of the DoT effects from any powerset can't crit, and neither can a few heals like Iniquity, ally bubbles (MR, PF), or HoTs like BCR and any of the Restoration-style special advs. Resurgence used to be able to crit, but after changing it to %age health now it can't. I don't think Shadow Strike (from NW) can crit either, but that seems to have special coding as a standardized 'ambush' attack.

    As far as scaling off of severity/crit- not all crit-disabled effects do that. Aside from TP DoTs, there's a few of the ones that have been in the power revamps (not built-in effects like PBurn, Bleed, DPoison, or CFlames) that do. For ex, Dust Devil, Firesnake, Toxic Nanites, dmg sigils, and Ice Cage don't crit nor scale from severity/crit, but Hex, Pyre Patches, Frag Nade, Ball Lit, and Soul Vortex do scale even if they can't crit.
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