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Auras similar to what emanates from the Cursed costume pieces?

What are the auras that are similar to what emits from the Cursed bracers, boots and eye accessories?


  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,472 Arc User
    Takofang has some piece a crown and bracer with built in red dark auras.

    DemonflAme also has a crown bed an emblem I think with a purple aura.

    Mountain set has built in rock crumbles for chest and like...bracer and feet.

    Hmmmmm......might be all.

    Oh...the cosmic set has a head aura.
  • stergasterga Posts: 2,350 Arc User
    If you mean aura slot items, I've paired up the Flame Aura Body bits (cash shop) with the demonflame necklace aura. I believe there are also flaming hair and eye options in the cash shop. Maybe the Chaos aura stuff can go with them. Not sure since I don't own those. The old / first-times-free Fire Aura has three different levels that can work with those costume bits.

    The new Ember Aura (drifter) might add a nice effect to flamish auras. The Toxic dots aura (?) is similar. The steam puff auras could be fun to try as well.​​
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