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Ninja Vanish

colonelmarikcolonelmarik Posts: 185 Arc User
The other day, I purchased Ninja Vanish for my Batman-style character, thinking it would function as a Teleport that begins with the smoke bomb animation. It turns out it is NOT a teleport power, even though it appears among the teleport powers, and even though its description is IDENTICAL to Teleport. Unless you specifically look at the Advanced description, you would not know it is not a teleport power.

I'm not complaining, I am posting this so people will be aware of this, and not purchase it under the wrong impression, as I did.

It does have its uses. It essentially acts as a super-stealth power that increases running speed a little bit and... well, that's about it. It's not really much use as a travel power, but it is a strong stealth power.

This is the description from the Training Room.

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