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xkagearashixxkagearashix Posts: 378 Arc User
not 100% sure if this is the right thread, but...

how about some hideout love? CO is the first release of Cryptic's MMOs CO/STO/NW, yet both NW and STO get more love. They both have a Guild/fleet base, how about giving CO a SG base as well? As far as the older hideouts, there's sealed off extra rooms how about unsealing those, releasing some new hideout options, some interactive stuff would be cool, but not holding my breath on that one. maybe future lockboxes have a chance at a variety of stronghold decorations similar to that MMO in a galaxy far, far away... *hint, hint*

but in short give strongholds some love and bring up to par with the other 2 cryptic MMOs and release SG Bases
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