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Add a spotlight to the powerhouse theater

pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,502 Arc User
A problem I always have with contests in the powerhouse theater is that it's very hard to actually see the winners. It would be nice to have something enabled that makes the winner easier to see, such as:
  1. Project a super-sized image of the winner somewhere.
  2. Change the about->info so you can click on the portrait for a full sized view (note that I don't think the portrait benefits from auras)
  3. Add a location that applies a super-magnifier buff to a person standing there (this has the benefit of not stacking with an existing super-magnifier).
#3 seems like it should be the easiest, though it's a big clunky.


  • omnilord#8416 omnilord Posts: 348 Arc User
    An actual spotlight would likely be the easiest fix IMO. I do agree something could be done so seeing the winners of a CC is easier from a distance. It's probably easier to add a super bright lighting effect than anything else. Maybe make one of the control panels near the end of the runway toggle it on and off so it's not a constant glaring light?
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