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[Suggestion] Device Slots

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
For sometime, I've been looking at the amount of devices we have in CO and how we are painfully limited to only 5 slots.

So I think some sort of solution to this could be:

1) Test and Sell additional Device slots in the Zen Store. Taking into consideration what can go in a device slot, I'd say a reasonable price for an additional Device slot would be 500 Zen and this would add one additional device slot to all characters on your account.


2) Adjust how the Device bar works, allowing Devices which apply passive functions i.e. Voltanic Potential, Inborn Tenacity, Elder Worm Humidity Dome, Nightmare Generator etc, are all shifted to a 'Secondary Passive Slots' which would be a new bar solely for passive devices.

Of course the third option would be to not have so many devices but...*shrugs*

Thoughts? Additions? Alternate Suggestions?


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