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Endbringer's Grasp - VFX bug

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
As the title indicates...

Endbringer's Grasp when used will play as normal and then repeatedly play in the same area it was originally used in.

The SFX and VFX will continue to replay for any player who runs/flies etc into the area where it was last used. There does not seem to be a maximum amount of times this will happen.

Multiple Endbringer's Grasp's can replay on top of or next to each other and can cause jarring screen shaking if too many are piled on top of each other.

How to reproduce:

Use Endbringer's Grasp in a location in the open world where enemies are or destructible objects.

Allow the ultimate to fade then run away from the area until it is no longer visible.

Return to the same area and watch as Endbringer's Grasp plays out once again.

Note: No damage occurs during the replay, just the VFX.

@kaizerin @splosions , I could be wrong but this happened once before and was fixed but I am not sure why it's come back. I can only imagine what misuse of this would do to the server...if anything at all...

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