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HEY YOU! YUSH YOU! Stap pressing buttons forum is fine now.

Your doing it again arnt ya? Playing forum Tetris. Just stop its all good now :D
Nepht and Dr Deflecto on primus
They all thought I was out of the game....But I'm holding all the lockboxes now..


  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,341 Arc User
    Personally, I think it'd be fun if they added a script to randomly shuffle forum locations and layouts every hour. It's fun to test people's adaptation capabilities.
    (Hopefully) Useful CO Resources: HeroCreator (character planner), Blood Moon Map, Anniversary Cat Map, and more (eventually, anyway).

    Sorting characters by last played on the login screen sucks balls. Pls fix~
  • decorumfriendsdecorumfriends Posts: 2,786 Arc User
    I actually appreciate the newest change. It was always dumb to have it look like the section headers were actually sections themselves, especially with "most recent post" behind it.
    'Dec out

  • chaelkchaelk Posts: 7,729 Arc User
    now we need a paint marker, so we can colour in titles.. or scribble comments on them​​
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