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Account Bank with a sort button

qawsadaqawsada Posts: 729 Arc User
A simple QoL request: add a sort button in the Account Bank in the hideout. The bank has it as with all your inventory bag. It would help sort all sorts of things within the account bank without manually moving each item.


  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,582 Arc User
    I hate the sort button actually. I'm too OCD for it and would hate to hit it by mistake. As long as their is an undo option...I'm for it.

    If not...I'll Nay this for ever!
  • chaelkchaelk Posts: 7,732 Arc User
    Crafting tab, auras tab. Once you have those , the sort button is less of a problem, since similar items will now be together.

    Both STO and NW have crafting tabs attached to bags and bank (NW)so , your materials go in them.

    With those keeping your bank sorted is easier. I spent half an hour yesterday sorting just the r5-7 mods to the top, becomes together, legacy devices, recovery devices together and old mods together.

    I have 94 lines on my bank and kept finding more devices while hunting through for other things. .​​
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