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Patch Notes regarding Congress of Selves?

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
edited October 2016 in Champions Online Discussion
I was doing some regular check ups on values etc and I've noticed that Congress of Selves has been nerfed/adjusted?

Not completely unexpected if I am honest but, I do find it a bit weird that I can't find any mention of this.

One of the many problems with this nerf is that parts of the passive (one part now mostly) does not work and this change means that Congress of Selves now only "enhances" the following FOUR powers:

- Ego Sprites
- Mental Storm
- Mental Leech
- Shadow of Doubt

And nothing else in the entire game.

What's more is that this boost is the same as a normal passive would grant to a whole suite of powers which share that damage type, not just four specific powers.

Whilst the description of the passive was a bit wrong (specifically states Ego DoT, and since there are only four of these powers in game, this was made to instead affect all Ego Damage abilities, so the passive wouldn't be completely useless/incredibly niche.)

I was just wondering if this was another stealth change to Telepathy or if there are patch notes somewhere and I just haven't found them?

I just don't recall any patch notes or PTS builds which focused on nerfing/adjusting Congress of Selves (or Congross of Selves as it has been labelled since 2012 ;) )

Thanks in advance.

Note: Whilst my testing at this stage for the Ego Damage Resistance portion is minimal, it appears to be working for the most part now so that's sort of a plus.


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