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Crisis Hub - Making use of the Ravenswood Academy Campus in Millennium City.

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
edited April 2016 in Suggestions Box
This has been an idea I've been wanting ever since my perks broke a few years ago and with the addition of the Ravenswood Academy as well as the Tutorial revamp it seems to be something that would work very well and actually give a reason to utilize the Ravenswood Academy campus, which has just popped up outside Ren Cen...so here goes.


Together with SOCRATES and PLUTO, Ravenswood Academy have been able to further develop their simulation room technology to create Virtual Reality versions of historic events that have taken place in various different locations within Champions Online. These scenarios can be tuned specifically to challenge the heroes that decide to take them on, either in a team or solo.

The current locations include:

* Millennium City Crisis - The Qularr Invasion
* Canadian Conundrum - Rise of the Ice Demons
* Desert Disaster - Gigaton's Assault
* Crisis on Monster Island - Snakes, Manimals & Clones
* Lemurian Crisis - The Threat from the Deep (or w/e :tongue:)
* Vibora Bay Apocalypse - The End of Days

In a similar manner to the Powerhouse Battle Station map, you and your team can adjust the settings within the Hub to craft a scenario that will challenge you all (or you alone):

* Adjustable Mob Difficulty (Normal, Difficult, Hard, Very Hard, Elite & Epic)
* Adjustable Mob Size (1 man, 2 man, 3 man, 4 man, 5 man & Rampage (10 man) )
* NPC Assistance (You can adjust if named NPCs such as Defender or Sapphire etc, assist in beating the instance with you. If toggled on, then they can be approached to fight along side you. If toggled off, they will still be in the map but will not engage in combat alongside you.)

Note: Going in with a full team will restrict your available options to 5 man or Rampage (10 man).

Restrictions - This content unlocks at level 35. However you (or your team captain) must have completed certain Story Arcs within Champions Online to unlock a new Crisis Hub. Millennium City Crisis is automatically unlocked upon reaching level 35. All enemies within the hub will be in equal to your heroes in level.

The following restrictions apply to each Hub:

* Canadian Conundrum - Rise of the Ice Demons. You must have completed The Demon of The Lost Story Arc & What's Mine is Mine Story Arc in order to unlock this Crisis Scenario.

* Desert Disaster - Gigaton's Assault. You must have completed War Never Changes Story Arc & Area 51 of Uncertainty Story Arc in order to unlock this Crisis Scenario.

* Crisis on Monster Island - Snakes, Manimals & Clones. You must have completed Ruin From The Ancient Past Story Arc, When a Curse is a Blessing Story Arc & The Flame of Krim Story Arc in order to unlock this Crisis Scenario.

* Lemurian Crisis - The Threat from the Deep. You must have completed Murky Waters Story Arc, Shadow of The Sharkmen & Pirates of The Abyss Story Arc in order to unlock this Crisis Scenario.

* Vibora Bay Apocalypse - The End of Days. You must have completed the missions from Huff and Puff to The Servants of the Main Loa mission. After completing this final mission (Servants of the Main Loa), speak to Police Chief Tom "Iron Tom" Buford to rescue "The Noob Squad". Once completed you will have unlocked this Crisis Scenario. (This is potentially the most annoying since there are no established Story Arc perks associated with Vibora Bay.)

All the perks and lore pieces that were obtainable in the original versions of these maps are also obtainable in these virtual environments.

When attempting to unlock another Crisis Hub, you will receive a mission which lists the missions you need to complete to unlock that Crisis Hub (similar to Overwatch in UNITY) as well as direct you to the starting contact.


Each Crisis Hub grants escalating rewards. However completing these hubs in teams is advisable for additional rewards. For example, running the MC Crisis Hub by yourself may net you something akin to these rewards:

MC Crisis Hub - Grants 10k Questionite, 20G + 10 SCR

Whereas running it with a full team would grant:

MC Crisis Hub - Grants 16k Questionite, 50G + 15 SCR + 5 GCR.


Example of escalating rewards:

MC Crisis Hub - 10k Q, 20G + 10 SCR

Desert Crisis Hub - 12k Q, 30G + 12 SCR

Canada Crisis Hub - 14k Q, 35G + 14 SCR + 1 GCR

Monster Island Crisis Hub - 16k Q, 40G + 16 SCR + 4 GCR

Lemuria Crisis Hub - 17k Q, 45G, + 18 SCR + 4 GCR

Vibora Bay Crisis Hub - 22k Q, 60G + 20 SCR + 9 GCR.


This idea is something I could see being another way to encourage players to exit MC and actually explore other zones and do missions in CO's different zones.

I feel like there are many maps in CO that a large portion never actually see (most are very well done and beautifully crafted - From multi leveled Mansions and lairs to Qliphothic versions of Vibora Bay.) and this could be a way to allow them to experience it.

It's also a nice way (IMO) to make use of the Ravenswood Academy space. I think if this was to be implemented, I'd like to see an RP Space within the map as well.



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