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theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
Bearing in mind the nerfs which are on PTS and the powers which are affected....

Could I get a list of potent/decent abilities within the Sorcery framework (Ebon/Arcane/Radiant/Primal) which are not slotted passives or blocks.

I'm definitely going to have to adjust a few builds and I've not delved deep into Sorcery (mainly because there doesn't seem to be much there in terms of strong direct damage)



  • roughbearmattachroughbearmattach Posts: 4,784 Arc User
    Cloak of the Infinite Planes is now a magic power (from device, of course).
    I don't care for it's new, no-target use, but the damage is good, and it's now a cone AoE.

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  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,927 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    Skarn's is still one of the highest dps cone AoEs, but its cost and utility are more questionable now. I'd prob only reserve it as staple AoE for builds w/ good innate energy management (AoPM, AoAC, etc)- treating the random debuffs just as a perk.

    Arcane Vit is still a decent AoE heal, and Vala's Light is fine for melee/tank healing. The circles (aside from Ebon's) are all still fine at what they do. Hex seems more fitting now for Magic builds- still can roll Trapped w/ the special adv, proc MSA, and debuff for other magic powers. Primal Sigils are still good for sustained dps- in the right scenarios. Radiant and Ebon sigils are still fine for Pres-based support builds. Divine Renewal still good as an ally res, Pyro Blades are okay as an AoE-ing temp pet, and Primal Ritual still gives Enrage to nearby teammates. Double-tapping Pillar of Poz can still work when soloing to clear out weak mobs. Eld Blast can still proc Manip easily, and Endbringer's Grasp is still a pretty fun ultimate w/ some potential.

    Direct dps is still prob not Sorcery's forte, though it never really was. Best I think ya can get there is rolling Hex, channeling Skarn's fully, and using Avenger Mastery procs for fast Eld Blast charges. Also throwing in Primal sigils when the situation is ideal for them.
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  • ladygadfly wrote: »
    Release Notes for FC.31.20151210a.17
    This build is available on PTS as of 1/22/2016

    - Skarns Bane cost reduced slightly and can now apply Fear, Confuse, Disorient, Lethargy, Bleed, Poison, Clinging Flames, Stun and Stagger.

    not nearly as questionable now as it was after the nerf last week, though depending on what 'slightly' means in crypticspeak, it may still be too high an energy cost​​
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