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Champions Online - Telepathy Powerset Bugs

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User
edited November 2015 in Gameplay Bugs
Whilst the majority of bugs are directly linked to New Telepathy...there are a few which tie into Original Telepathy and they have been around for two years now. They are as follows:

Telepathic Reverberation Bugs

QoL: Description Update required. Telepathic Reverberation scales with Presence and is affected by Recovery. On LIVE the power description incorrectly states it scales with Ego and is affected by Recovery. (This could be done when TP Reverb is being changed to 100ft)

QoL: Telepathic Reverberation is not holding up under severe GFX such as in Gravitar or Fire and Ice. This is impacting energy returns from the passive.

Mental Leech - QoL: Description Update required. Dependency states it heals "allies" when in practice it only appears to heal ONE ally. It requires a mechanic which allows it to detect someone who needs healing instead of basing the healing of an ally on who is closer to the target.

Shadow of Doubt - QoL: Shadow of Doubt does not have any Sound FX at Rank 3.

Mental Storm - FIXED

Mind Break - QoL: Mind Break does not have any charge up SFX or charge up VFX (I don’t know about anyone else, but the SFX for Ego Blast slapped onto Mind Break would be great. As for VFX…PSI Initiates head aura? click the link to aura suggestions in my sig to see what I mean.)

Congress of Selves

Congress of Selves - BUG: Ego Damage Resistance Portion from Congress of Selves does not apply to incoming Ego Damage.

When I removed all my gear leaving me with a total of 9.4% Resistance to all damage from my Defense stat and 62% Ego Damage Resistance from Congress of Selves, I paid Mind Slayer (Super Villain Rank) a visit in Canada and this happened:

[Combat (Self)] Mind Slayer deals 8264 (9043) Ego Damage to you with an unknown ability.

9043/ (1+9.4% Defense stat + 62% from CoS) = 5275.96266 <-- Amount IF CoS was working as intended.

9043/ (1+9.4% Defense stat) = 8265.99634 <-- Actual amount taken

Congress of Selves - BUG: Ignore 30% targets resistance portion does not work at all.

Congress of Selves at rank 3 says it empowers EGO damage over time abilities to ignore 30% of a targets resistance.

On a target with a total of 143% Resistance to Damage, versus my Ego DoTs (Shadow of Doubt), their resistance should be lowered to 113%.

Mentella deals 57 (137) Ego Damage to you with Shadow of Doubt. <-- Taken from combat log.

137/(1+113%) = 64.31 <-- Amount IF CoS was working as intended.

137/(1+143%) = 56.37 <-- Actual amount dealt. (more or less)

(Thanks to @aqa for being a willing test subject!)


So it's quite unfortunate that the new passive in part is not working, as well as a few other issues with the other New Telepathy Powers.

EDIT: VERY grateful to jheinig and the Cryptic Development Team for the work done to correct the Telepathy bugs so far. Even if not many use the powerset...I am very grateful. I eagerly await other related fixes!
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