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  • tgsmooth
    would personally appeal to him. Its all about the tactics my friend and doing your research on what people like. And since your post kind of insulted me I'll tell you this, in no world situation would you ever see a contest extended , you asked for that as well. If this was a job and there was a deadline and you couldn't turn your work in by that time do you think you would get a positive outcome from being late? Most likely not, but your post made my day, you did not try to inform the community as one of your posts stated, everyone was confused about the specifics, and from my experience brown nosing definitely doesn't make people like you better because that's exactly what you were doing as well as trying to make me look like a complete ass. As you said to me I know this can be very frustrating.
    August 2015
  • tgsmooth
    You don't have to sound so sour if you notice mine and the other players videos had good camera angles and awesome views of tiamat. I didn't even see a link to yours on the forums. Calling me an elite player , I don't consider myself better than the rest , I am a disabled vet so yes I have a lot of time to play. It is also about the take down , did you die any, did you pick up the soul gem and use it properly, did you revive others/heal them if your a cleric or heal lock. Also he messaged me about my score, I am a straight dps SW and I placed top 3 were usually only healing classes will place I have friends that are higher G.S. that average around 50k in gold bracket. I also added what current event was going on and integrated it into the video. Did you see the bang's and pow's every time I one shot a group of ads? (Like comic books) I did that on purpose , if you notice strums little spiderman attachment you would think he likes comic books right? SO I added something I thought
    August 2015
  • tgsmooth
    I hope you make the deadline to but I know it resetted every Monday the last couple weeks, meaning Monday would start the new week and all videos from the prior mon-sun would be the oly ones to count. If this is the case cross your fingers that strum decides to do this for another week . Anyways may luck be on your side just don't crush my dreams lol
    August 2015