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  • If you're willing to make enough noise, and give em a tweet or 3, they are responsive so I am not sure why the negative Gaijin sentiment. Their forums show basically a language barrier more than anything, sometimes, with some of the administrators. It'll get better over time, well, usually does anyway. At least they have a…
  • Okay, I got response on ticket, and I figure Gaijin knew, since Arc was updated and now I can log in again, so just make sure to exit and restart Arc. Had done that and restarted computer etc., no fix until just a few minutes ago. Gl and hf in game :)
  • We have little activity on Arc. There's more activity on the Gaijin forums but it's the same Steam moderators. I have done all I can to get help/support for this. I hope Arc/PWE and Gaijin will figure this out in a way that lets us unlink from Arc if it is a problem that can happen again. I hate playing anything through…
  • Okay I just made a support ticket, it's been hours. They mentioned that they have had unexpect volume so, hopefully, many others have put in tickets. Did learn Arc handles logging in while Gaijin handles the servers, hopefully that doesn't complicate this.
  • Since you're telling us this wonderful tale loratrocities, you uploaded the malwarebytes log anywhere? I mean, you know that thing about submitting it to them right? They'll let you know if it's a false positive or not by emails after you send it. But also, posting the log somewhere helps others see what you see as a…
  • It installs arc i believe, and arc is pwe's breaking away from Steam. Few online games have a stand alone install as then they have to have their own DRM protection, which is part of what the clients, Arc, Steam, etc., do is make sure DRM is there or the game stops running. If game was up on you'd know it has a…
  • In light of the cost of ships and that the "Exchange" is only one direction, yeah it's pay to win. I mean, when I go to open a space on my ship and it's 2,000 standards, yeah... Pay to win. Further, I spent the day getting level 4 on all 3 of the first ships, getting the next tier, then leveling those a bit, to where i…