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  • 1C & Katuri
  • When you open the character window there are 2 tabs on the left side, 1 is to switch to pet window the other is to switch to character window.
  • None that I recall and I have played the quests over and over. I'm at 4 level 60's and the rest are 50+. Maybe, possibly, as castle treasure rewards, but I have never been in a guild that has captured a castle so I have no clue as to what all treasures could be had there. Except for what I was told by friends.
  • A lot of the things they implemented like no WSAD, no Auto Targeting (but instead attack reflective auto targeting), and limited camera angles were done to severely reduce chances of botting. In fact, you have a better chance at winning a scratch off lottery ticket than you do ever seeing a bot. I've been playing 2 years…
  • Either in the cash shop or you can find people selling them sometimes in the player market. Just about everything in the cash shop can be sold in the player market for regular game gold unlike other games.
  • Arc has no control over this nor does the US or EU/Polish combined servers. All game development is done at the russian server and mirrored to the other servers from there.
  • At level 20 you can pick one of 2 Subclasses: Archer = Sniper or Hunter Mage = Sorcerer or Warlock Rogue = Thief or Assassin Warrior = Crusader or Dark Knight A small preview of some of the subclasses from my youtube: Hunter, Sorcerer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c47ibag3VvE Crusader, Sniper, Warlock…
  • I used to be like all of you, thought this game would be horrible without WSAD. But with the unlimited amount of monsters a player can pull I found that WSAD would have been horrible using WSAD with this system. Having the mouse as run and your other hand free for just bombarding skills really seems to give this game much…