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  • (Quote) To say the least. And whoever came up with the idea that people who swear have limited vocabularies? I have rarely seen such inventiveness or diverse application of language :D
  • (Quote) Yeah I don't really get why it's there either. It is a bit overzealous. Especially as it's not even that bad a word, Brits are generally more laid back with references to genitals and sex than Americans are. After all, a fairly common and r…
  • (Quote) Well it's a slur in British English you k.n.o.b.head XD. Refers to a specific part of male genitals. Man all the naughty words I'm learning today. It's like being 7 again and starting school.
  • (Quote) Okay so in which language is g*a*y and l*e*s*b*i*a*n incredibly offensive? Because those two words get caught by the profanity filter. See this thread: http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums#/discussion/1193844/sixth-annual-pride-weekend/p1 Als…
  • (Quote) I can't delete notifications either, which makes it even harder to know which new comment is the first - as if it wasn't hard enough already. My join date says April 28 (and I suppose asking for at least a 'th' at the end of that would be t…
  • (Quote) As far as I have been able to establish, no. And believe me I looked hard as I would like to change my forum name too. Considering that security here appears to have as many holes as a sieve, we really need some way to change our display n…
  • Thank you for the answer both. (Quote) Okay I read this as 'Trendy goes to Conventry'. :D
  • A quick Q. What on Earth is a 'ghost ban'?
  • (Quote) If you only made three posts with that hashtag then yes, they do.
  • (Quote) Nope it's not. Or at least not always. My handle in game is ilithyn, but my user name (the one I use for logging in to the forum and on to the game) is something completely different. :confused: